Project description

The Barrette-Chapais company is currently completing a port infrastructure project for the storage and shipment of wood pellets.

42 000 metric tons

total storage capacity of wood pellets

20 jobs created

for transportation, storage and handling

This project involves the installation of two storage domes for wood pellets with a total capacity of 42,000 metric tons, and the equipment required for handling. The domes will contain pellets manufactured by the various producers in the region for later export to Europe by sea.   The pellets will be sent to the port site by truck and unloaded and stored in the domes, which will be emptied with the use of a conveyor. The pellets will be loaded on a cargo ship.

Granule 777 Inc. is finalizing the construction of a plant that will produce 210,000 tonnes of pellets annually.   This plant is located in northern Quebec on the site of the sawmill owned by Barrette-Chapais Ltd., the ligneous material generated by its operations will be used in particular for the production of pellets.

The pellet market has been growing strongly for several years and is mainly used for electricity generation in Western Europe.   Pellets are an alternative to coal previously used for this purpose.   The conversion of coal-fired power plants to wood pellets has reduced their greenhouse gas emissions by over 80%.

Europeans were the pioneers in this field with the implementation of the 20-20 policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% in 2020.  This policy made possible the development of many green projects, including some based on forest biomass, such as wood pellets. Biomass is a so-called green energy because carbon dioxide emissions during wood combustion are offset by the carbon absorbed by trees during their growth when they originate from sustainably managed forests, which is the case for all Quebec forests.

Economic benefits

Creation of about 20 jobs for the transportation, storage and handling of wood pellets at Port of Saguenay.

Environmental properties

Because of their high density, wood pellets reduce the number of trucks needed for the transportation of sawed timber co-products and reduce greenhouse gas emissions on a global scale.

All infrastructure has been developed in the view to minimize environmental impacts.

Source : Barrette-Chapais

Why the Saguenay IP Zone?

« The present port infrastructure and its geographical position have convinced us that the Industrial-Port Zone of Saguenay was a privileged place to install our project. »

– Yann Sellin, Project Manager Barrette-Chapais

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