Industrial-port zone of Saguenay

11,7 km² of available land. One of the largest industrial-port sites in Canada.

What is an IP Zone?

An industrial-port zone (IP Zone) is an area near port facilities which, because of its maritime, rail, road, and air intermodality, provides better competitiveness for companies establishing operations there.
This prime location makes it easier for companies to access their inputs while providing faster transit of their goods to North American and international markets.

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Geographic location
of choice

The Saguenay Industrial-Port Zone is located on the Saguenay Fjord, a safe navigation channel entering the heart of Quebec. This natural gateway to Northern Quebec is near key transportation routes in North America and major centres, a 2-hour drive from Québec City, the provincial capital, and 55 minutes by plane from the Montréal airport.


Projects in development

Several large projects are under development in the heart of the Saguenay IP Zone, an area of 11.7 km² dedicated to major industries